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30 April 2008 @ 09:37 pm
Members Cut and New Direction  

    A lot has happened in the past month, I’ve done a lot of thinking and contemplating on where I want this community to head. I’ve decided that I’m going to open this community to more than just Asian music. Because my tastes have broadened (and I’ve found more sources ^_^) I’m going to upload more things that I enjoy which includes other music from around the world. I’m mainly still focused on Asian music but I’m not going to hold back when I upload other music or video. I would love if you stay with me as I broaden the community.

    I’d also like to mention that I will be doing a member cut this Friday. Anyone who is NOT watching the community is automatically going to be cut unless they make a comment at this post that you watch the community despite it not coming on your f-list. I assume that if you’ve joined this community, you’re obviously interested in what I’ve posted.

I won’t have people who join but don’t watch. I don’t see the point. I don’t post enough for my posts to become recurring or anything so you’ll just have to suck it up ^_^. Membership is still open so but I want more action inside IE.

    There have been some members who have joined but I’ve not heard a single word from…ever. That’s about to change. I already have a list of members that are being cut from IE and its huge…the majority of members in fact. (The members who are being cut are those who haven’t commented inside of IE in the months of Feb/Mar since I was gone all April and those who have NEVER commented.) I don’t mind that the community isn’t large; I just want to have contact with people. I’m still going to leave membership open but I’ll be watching it more closely and if interaction doesn’t improve I’ll do moderated membership. (Below is a list of people obviously saved from the mems cut do to frequent commenting, you’re a friend or I just plain like you ^_^) The mem cut isn’t final, you’re more than welcome to re-join but I’ll be watching to make sure your interaction improves.

    This also means that I’ll have to change things within IE. I’ll try to upload more things that people want to see and more often. I feel as if I’ve jaded people and in turn I feel jaded. So I’m considering this to be a new beginning for IE and myself. I just want to thank everyone who has stuck through with me through the thick and thin, you’ve got no idea what this means to me.

    I know that IE could be a lot more than it is and I’m going to be working extra hard for this. I’ve been rather stingy in my music uploads lately. This is because since February I’ve been working on getting a total archive of my music in a database so that I know what I have at all times. I’ve currently got 2500+ titles in the database and have about 150gbs more of music to add. Without having my database all together, I’ve been really focused on it and not uploading anything practically. But the database will be done in the next 3 weekends I’m sure and by that time, I will be on a posting spree because everything will be up to date and organized exactly how my OCD requires.

I’m still going to be on hiatus and it seems that it will last the rest of this month. I want to focus on the database and a few other projects. I’ll still be around and I might upload something every once in awhile but I’ll be back on June 1st at the latest if not sooner (Hopefully I’ll be back by the middle of May). Hope the rest of your May goes well.

List of Safe Members (not in any particular order, just as I found them) If your name isn’t on this safe list and you haven’t commented in the months of February OR March you’ll be cut so please comment below if you wish to still be a member, please do so before Friday when I do the cut.



Kristimiyavimyv on May 2nd, 2008 01:41 am (UTC)
Not a problem.
Karlthulhu: atsushiwciggykarlthulhu on May 2nd, 2008 07:21 am (UTC)