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20 January 2008 @ 03:48 am
My Philosophy on Hardsubbed Dramas and Movies  

Ok now, I’m not sure if many know this but when it comes to dramas and movies, be they Asian or not I like watching the endings. Same when I’m reading a book, I’ll read the last chapter of the book before I’ll start it. If I don’t like the ending, I I won’t like the journey, plain and simple. I’m not one of those “It’s the journey that counts, not the destination,” kind of people. I probably was when I was younger and hadn’t experience all the things (pain) I’ve gone through. (By pain, its nothing too terribly serious like social or econmic pain. Its physical and emotional pain I’ve gone through due to my scoliosis, ADHD (which is pretty much gone btw if anyone cares =P), the depression I went through when I was diagonois with scoliosis. I’m not gonna say I’ve had the roughest life out there because I haven’t but I’ve lived with phsyical pain for nearly 12 years and if there’s anyone out there like me who has done the same….I feel for you and my prayers are out to you.)

Anywho, it works for me and I’m by no means saying that anyone else’s way of thinking is stupid or better than my way. Its just that, my way. I’ve only been a ‘hardcore-gonna-read/watch-the-whole thing’ on a few dramas/movies. Such as the american movie Everything is Illuminated, that movie was fantastic, the soundtrack alone is superb. But besides the point, I honestly don’t think I’ve watched a show without seeing the last episode first (except for Itazura na Kiss which I still watched the RAW version of Episode 7 because….well if you’ve seen the show you’ll understand. Kotoko can be a bit….overbearing to say the least but still loveable with those monkey ears and I didn’t want to waste my time.) That’s why I rarely watch shows that are currently airing and being hardsubbed. I’m an impatient person and it kills me to wait for subs so I don’t start watching the the series until the fansubbers have finished. (besides, there are plenty of shows I’ve not seen that are already finished.)

With that said, I'd like to explain some of my opinions and motives on hardsubs, softsubs, dramas, and those great people who translated them.

I have all the highest respect for the sub teams that are out there. I mean srsly, I would bring them lunch everyday if I could. They’ve opened a whole new world to myself and the rest of the Asian drama/movie fan out there on this hectic planet. I believe that without them, I’d never get to experience half of what I have with the Asian drama world. I am grateful to them everyday.

So when I say, do not redistribute my Hardsub videos to any streaming sites such as Youtube, veoh, crunchyroll, dailymotion, stage6, or any other video streaming sites, I freaking mean it. The fansubbers do not wish to have their files streamed. They are for personal use only, if you think someone should experience a drama or movie, send them to [info]jdramas or[info]iconic_emporium or to the respective fansub group forum or blog.

I will never ever ever claim any subs as my own. I’m not that talented and by golly it takes a lot of time and hard work for the fan subbers to translate and encode and time the subtitles and they deserve all the support and credit. I merely Hardsub dramas and movies from the softsubs they provide. If there are shows that have already been hardsubbed and on MU I will probably *stresses the word* not upload to IE simply because if its hardsubbed already and uploaed to MU what the hell do I need to do it for? If I found it, you can find it too.

I don’t want credit for the hardsubs. Honestly, its not important. The real credit goes to those who translated, timed, and encoded the show. All I did was play around with a few programs for like 5 minutes, align the subs, push ‘encode’ and go take my doggies outside or make myself some grub. I do hardsubs while I’m sleeping or at work (or if Rico Suave needs attention). My computer isn’t busy, I can make a queue and when I get home VOILA! they’re ready to change someone’s life.

I won’t hardsub files that are already hardsubbed and have direct dowloads in MU. If I can’t find that a show is hardsubbed except by torrent,  I’ll download it (if I'm watching it personally) and offer a direct download so that others won’t have to do it. I don’t do it because I’m cool and my connection lets me ^_^, I do it because I feel that the entire world should have access to EXCELLENT subs provided by the sub teams.

I ask for permission before doing hardsubs on brand new dramas/movies. If the files are only available through softsubs (which sometimes this is the case as they are becoming less and less) I'll ask permission to hardsub them. Sometimes people say no and that's perfectly fine, the subs are theirs not mine. If that is the case, I'll just take it off the list and be done with it. No biggie.

My opinion of drama/movie dvds? Horribly disgusted by them in fact. The only subs I’ve found decent enough to buy are those of YA entertainment. I’ve tried MBC for Goong and Goong2 (which totally blew…what the hell where they saying anyway? I mean srsly, the subs were great until like disc 5 in which I was already so engrossed with the show it hurt for me too not be able to continue because what they were saying made NO SENSE IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.) I will say though…My Lovely Sam-Soon has excellent subtitles if you buy it. I bought ISWAK and had I not already memorized the subs from the subteam shows, I’d have no frickin’ clue what the hell they were saying.

I hardsub for my own amusement and to provide Asian Drama world with smaller video files without the messiness of softsubs which can sometimes boggle people. Also….I get points for my MU account. What can I say, I’m selfish and then I’m not so selfish =P. Besides, if there are softsubs out there…they should also be hardsubbed. If you’re not in the know if the difference, hardsub files are smaller than their softsub counterparts. They require less work as well. All you have to do is double click and BAM! you’re enjoying your show without having to worry about your subs being in the correct spot or if they’re even show up.

I don’t take requests. I just don’t. I think its pointless since I probably will not like the series you request. I’m all about happy endings and rarely do I do Kdramas since srsly 1 out of 3 shows involves a main character with cancer. I just can’t do it. I have a fear of death (despite being in death claims. I come to terms with my unrational fear everyday.) so I like to remain upbeat on my downtime from work. (Anyway…I have a lot of shows I plan to hardsub so I just wouldn’t have the time.)

I live in a fantasy world. I do. I admit it. I know and understand that the world isn’t beautiful and happy go lucky with unconventional female leads getting drop dead I’ll-kill-my-mother-to-kiss-you-you’re-so-attractive male leads and happy endings all the time. I know this….I ignore it. I work all day in a place that freaks me out and when I come home…I want to escape and Asian dramas help me do just that. There are some shows that I will say I enjoyed despite the leads dying albeit bittersweetly but nonetheless dying. I won’t say which ones here because if you don’t catch onto story lines quickly I’ll give them away.

I enjoy corniness. LUHVE IT! What can I say, I had a pretty sheltered life whilst growing up so I never really put myself out there so I like to see it when a female lead says she loves a boy and they live happily together. It makes me happy. I like living vicariously through ficitonal characters. Leave me alone, I’m a dork I understand this.

I am a girl who in fact fangirls. I try to keep it to a minimum but I’ll throw it in there for kicks. If you have a problem with it…don’t tell me, refer to the above underline, “I live in a fantasy world.” And that means, no confrontations with anyone who is against my philosophy. I figure though that if you’re downloading a hardsub I’ve done you’re probably…even just a little bit, like myself so I’m sure we’ll get along.

I don’t like confrontations. I really don’t. If you get snippy with me, we’ll have to have some words and then I’ll fume over it and end up doing something stupid like…mark all your comments as spam or kick you out. (I’ve not actually gone as far as kicking someone out but trust me I’ve had my buttons pushed.)

If anyone has a problem with the way I run things, you can let me know. I’ll listen to you and I’ll see if I can change it but if I can’t…sorry. I spent my entire teenage years pleasing other people, I won’t spent the rest of my life trying to do the same. I’m my own person, you’re your own person. We should both be grown up enough to get over ourselves.

You might be asking yourself, “what the hell does she think she’s doing pulling together a list like this and posting it to a community?” I was asking myself as I started writing this also. I didn’t expect this to get as lengthy as it has but I’m kinda glad it did. I’ve just pulled this together to lay down the law when it comes to the hardsubs that I’m doing. I understand that the world of fansubs can be…restrictive at times with all the rules and regulations but they are in fact there for everyone’s protection.

I try to abide them as much as possible but I see so many people with problems downloading from torrents or having softsub issues. And I figure, if I have the ability to download torrents and understand softsubs and can get around the information super highway (internets) enough to get in trouble, I might as well. Haha.

This post might sound insensitive or assertive in my opinions and they are in some cases but for the most part, I bend. Otherwise, I’d have more stress in my life and I believe entirely that stress is the number one killer in the world. And with the fear of death…I try to stay away from stress and stressful situations.

My friends in junior high used to come to be with their social or emotional problems and I’d help them out. But once I entered senior school, they’d come to me for help and I’d say, “Figure it out yourself. If I can figure it out, you can.” I’m not the smartest person in the world. Hell…I fail at doing the dishes. But I do know that if you use the sense your mama gave ya and you think before you start moving your pretty little fingers in a not-so-smart-question direction, everyone would get along just fine.

But anywho, that was junior and senior high. Now that I’m in university and have a full time job, I’m more willing to help people out. So really…honestly…don’t hesitate to ask me a question or two if you need help. I’ll help you find out. I learn at the same time you are learning. If I don’t know something, I’ll find out for you and let you know.

I don’t expect anyone to respond to this post. I expect you to understand what is written here. If you come back to me on something that is addressed here it won't be cool. This post is really only here so that I can make sure I have a place to lead people back to for reference in my hardsub posts before downloading or questioning my motives for hardsubs. A precautionary method if you will.

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