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04 May 2008 @ 01:34 am
Well, I've finished the members cut, I've removed 153 members who I have 1) never spoke to before or 2) They didn't comment in the months of February or March. 

I've even deleted a few of my personal friends who I haven't spoken to in the past 2 months. I figure if they want to talk, they'll call me. I'm tired of always having to reach out to them to hang out. (I still love you guys I'm just tired of having to set things up, call me whenever you want to hang out).

Ok. If you can see this post, then you my friend are still a member of this community. I'm leaving membership open and I highly encourage you to re-join and become active otherwise I'll remove you again. Its as simple as that. Please see this post for further explanation of your removal.

I have no grudges against anyone and I hope everyone understand my reasons for doing the LARGE members cut. I hope to never have to do it again so please keep commenting and telling me how your day was or whatnot.

Also, I've updated the layout just a smidge, the header is of my own creation and features Noda Yojiro of Radwimps. I'm slightly proud of it. Its the first graphics work I've done since February when I started my damn archive. I've also changed the wording a bit on the profile so check it out too.

I would like to humbly ask that you spread the word about IE to all your friends. Please tell them about this community and help make IE grow.
30 April 2008 @ 09:37 pm

    A lot has happened in the past month, I’ve done a lot of thinking and contemplating on where I want this community to head. I’ve decided that I’m going to open this community to more than just Asian music. Because my tastes have broadened (and I’ve found more sources ^_^) I’m going to upload more things that I enjoy which includes other music from around the world. I’m mainly still focused on Asian music but I’m not going to hold back when I upload other music or video. I would love if you stay with me as I broaden the community.

List of Safe Members (not in any particular order, just as I found them) If your name isn’t on this safe list and you haven’t commented in the months of February OR March you’ll be cut so please comment below if you wish to still be a member, please do so before Friday when I do the cut.




Membership is open for anyone wishing to join. All I ask is that you read, understand, and follow through with the below guidelines.


  1. Comment. Comment every time you snag something. This truly helps me decide what to share next. If there are like no comments, I know that people don’t really care enough about the upload so I won’t upload anything similar to it.
  2. Be considerate. Not only to me, but the other members as well. I don’t want any unnecessary emails coming into my inbox with foolishness. This also means that if you find something offensive or objectionable in regards to comments/drama inside of IE, please make me aware. I’m rather obtuse at times and scan over things quickly and often miss the points of things.
  3. Credit my Links. If you share my links, (you know you will ^_^) let me know. I don’t have to bring up the whole not-taking-credit-for-someone-else’s link (or post) thing. Its really a moot point since every single one of my files has my name all over it. I do this to draw people to IE. But yeah, don’t take them without letting me know (I use the downloads to see how well IE is doing.) And don’t copy/paste any part of my posts. Its called plagiarism and is illegal in all countries (oceans too). If it becomes a problem, I’ll start password protection on my links and that would be uncool.
  4. Have fun. IE is all about sharing awesome music, getting to know people and connecting with loads of people from around the world. I really enjoy uploading and sharing music with people but I also enjoy collecting music and making lists so I can get really wrapped up in my personal archive so just give me a little nudge and I’ll get to postage.


Now upon reading the guidelines, and you’re still inclined to join, please join here. To contact me, msg me through LJ or by a comment at this post…erm any post really.

 Side Note:

I read all comments that come into IE because I’m OCD like that. I read all comments but sometimes I don’t respond due to time constraints or I’m just feelin’ lazy. I do honestly read all comments when I get them. Please know, that yahoo often throws LJ comments into my SPAM box so I don’t get them immediately. I’m still teaching myself to check it constantly to make sure nothing wonky happened. But bear with me, I will respond if it so calls for it.



31 January 2008 @ 10:17 pm

This is a tutorial that was requested by [info]jenbowie about a week ago *sorry I didn't respond back I've been busy but here you go*

Images Open in New WindowCollapse )
I'm not at all an expert on hardsubs and there could very well be a better way but this is the way I do it. Please ask a question if something doesn't work right. Make sure to read all the directions first and then ask me if you're stuck.

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20 January 2008 @ 03:48 am
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Music: At the ends of the Rest Period - Vain - Phantasmagoria